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Good news for all the Microsoft fans and shareholders out there, according to the report from the TechNewsWorld, the software giant is planning a massive advertising campaign. Tweet

Well, here is a another list to add to your rumors pack. Now, we all know that you can scan bar codes, recognize music, etc. Have you heard about Google’s image search, where you type in the URL and it displays similar pictures? Well, here is what you will be able to achieve in the [&hellip

Let’s talk about the Live Tiles. Currently tiles are great but they can be used in a different, more efficient way. A simple start menu looks like this: Tweet

After publishing our first piece of information about the upcoming Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 operating systems back in May, we were slightly cautious about revealing anything else, mainly because we did not want competitors to copy these features. However, upon learning that Apple has recently acquired a company that specializes in fingerprints, there [&hellip

Now here is something very handy, if you find yourself staring at the screen and trying to find the blanking cursor, follow this simple tutorial and make your life easier. Option 1 Tweet

Windows 8 Tips: Scan/Restore System Files

Written on August 7, 2012, by in Categories: Windows, Windows Tips

Now here is a great tip, which requires little to no effort, it will scan all Windows 8 sytem files and revert the changes (if any were made by the 3rd party). – Type “cmd” in the Start Screen – Select “Run as Administrator” – Type “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) Tweet

Now here is a great tip to maximize your reading experience and make the text look just fine. All you have to do is: – Launch start screen (or Windows+F) and type “Clear” Tweet

With the upcoming release of Windows 8, some people seem to feel unsure about the new “Secure Boot” feature, which, when enabled, supposedly locks you down. However, this is not exactly the case as tech enthusiasts can still update their motherboard firmware (UEFI, which replaces BIOS). How do we know that? During the June 14, [&hellip

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