Windows Phone 9 And Windows 9: Live Tiles v3

Windows Phone 9 And Windows 9: Live Tiles v3

Let’s talk about the Live Tiles.

Currently tiles are great but they can be used in a different, more efficient way.

A simple start menu looks like this:

Windows Phone 9 And Windows 9: Live Tiles v3

This is what WP9 and Windows 9 live would look like (this is our interpretation and not the final image from Microsoft):

Windows Phone 9 And Windows 9: Live Tiles v3

By adding a small square area in the lower right bottom for bigger tiles, users can have a feature called “tile shortcuts”.

For example, by clicking the one displayed in the picture above, user would instantly call the person whose call he missed.

From what we have learned, tile shortcuts are adaptive and can also be configured manually. For example: you can have one tile to perform two actions or even utilize more corners for the biggest tiles like calendar.

To write a new SMS:

Tiles v1 / v2
SMS tile > Click +

Tiles v3
Click on small square and it opens a new SMS page instantly

Another example:

Tiles v1 / v2
Open GPS app, pre-set destination – home

Tiles v23
Click on a small rectangle that has already been pre-set your home address.


Stay tuned, we have one more part to reveal.

  • SamPavloff

    Lol guys! pictures are the same. Fail!

  • Why couldn’t they just release this for WP8?

    • dafagag

      Maybe it will be for WP8, there’s no aprovall that it’s for WP9

  • xd

    Do you have more ideas for Live Tiles for WP 9? Woulld be very interesting to know that. It also would be nice of you to make some graphics from your idea. Thanks a lot guys!

  • james braselton

    hi there live tiles were on windows phone 7 7.5 windows phone 8. 8.1