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Now here is something to get you excited, according to the latest data from, Nokia Lumia 920T (the Chinese version of L920) is now the bestselling phone, beating Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and most importantly, the recently released iPhone 5 (which sits at #10). Tweet

Apple’s Market Cap Falls Below $500 Billion

Written on November 16, 2012, by in Categories: Apple

Just after the mass hysteria began, Apple’s market cap crossed the $500 billion mark and it looked as if it will reach $1 trillion in no time. Tweet

Something from the past. Both Microsoft and Apple already have great relations with each other (like cross patent licensing deal) and although they are competing in similar markets, it does not mean that you should miss great opportunities when it comes to business and revenue. So where do you go from there? Well, according to [&hellip

Remember the article about Microsoft’s lost decade? Well, it looks like the man itself decided to debunk the story and had some interesting things to say in the recent Forbes interview. According to Steve, since the 90s, the software giant has made a huge progress and thanks to that, there are now over 1.3 billion [&hellip

Who spends the most on R&D? Spending significantly on the research and development, could guarantee you a prosper feature, assuming you know what the hell you are doing. Talking about the importance on innovation, Microsoft’s COO, had some important things to say. According to Kevin Turner, during recession, the software giant was the only company [&hellip

This is the funniest thing ever and we have it on camera! During yesterday’s WPC event, one of the funniest and most ambitious guys at the Microsoft (not Steve Ballmer this time but Kevin Turner), had some fun with the Siri and here is the result: Tweet

During today’s WPC Event (Vision keynote), Microsoft has shared an interesting slide from Secunia, the leading security researcher worldwide. As it turns out, based on a number of security vulnerabilities that were discovered last year, Microsoft is leading the way in security and reliability. Tweet

As the WPC 2012 conference continues, Microsoft has said some interesting things regarding the upcoming Mac OS X and Windows 8 releases. Quoting some of the reviewers, the software giant stated that the roles have now reversed and the Microsoft is a new leader in innovation while Apple’s latest OS pretty much sucks. Stay tuned. [&hellip

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