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Its biggest gain yet. Are you guys ready for some of the best news to date? Well, according to the latest market share report by HitsLink, Windows Phone made a phenomenal progress in Q1, 2013 and this is how the results look like: Tweet

Now here is something to be grateful for. According to the latest report by NetApplications, Windows Phone has just surpassed the 1% market share mark and is now sitting at 1.05%. Tweet

Ever wondered what kind of an impact Windows Phone 8 launch had on its market share? Well, the first results are in and they don’t look that spectacular. However, keep in mind that the supply was very limited and the actual launch did not happen at the beginning of the month. Tweet

With the launch of Windows Phone 8, it’s time to find out, how is Windows Phone 7.5 doing in the market share race. Tweet

Even though the first and second generation phones will receive WP 7.8 instead of the WP8, it looks like a small backlash did not stop some people from buying a new Windows Phone device. Tweet

Back in the 00s, Google Search overtook Yahoo, MSN Search and other, less known providers. Not only that, but it looked like no one could challenge the search giant. Now, it looks like their monopoly is about to be shattered as according to the latest data from Comscore, Microsoft’s Bing now controls more than 1/4 [&hellip

Microsoft becomes a leader in the server usage share, cuts pricing. More good news for all the software giant fans out there and for those, who are into the enterprise. According to the latest market share report from the IDC, with a staggering 46%, Microsoft SQL server is now a leader in the server usage [&hellip

Microsoft reveals new pricing and market share numbers. There were a lot of things to announce during Microsoft’s WPC 2012 conference and one of them was a comparison between VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Tweet

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