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Might release in 2013 or beyond. Even though we’ve heard a lot of unjustified rumors about the upcoming Surface Phone, there is not enough sufficient information that reveal the software giant’s plans. However, if you dig deep enough, some interesting bits will be revealed. So why do we believe that Microsoft is working on a [&hellip

The clock is ticking for the upcoming event and we got you covered. Here is what you need: Tweet

Set it to the 1080p and enjoy. Tweet

With close to a $10 billion budget for the research and development, Microsoft is known to do all kinds of weird things. Now, according to the latest report by CNN, Microsoft Research has created a the electro luminescent butterfly with non-mechanical wings that curl up when given a little heat. Tweet

Now here is something to keep you busy, an interview with the man himself, Joe Belfiore. Not enough? Check two more videos with Anand Badu and David Gunasegaram. [Via: WMPU] Tweet

Incredible Live Wallpaper

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Now here is something that you will only see for the next 24 hours: a mind blowing, animated wallpaper. Where? Just head over to (US only so follow this link) and enjoy the view. Alternatively, check our video below. Tweet

When it comes to speed, one of the recent concerns about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform is performance. Since WP8 is based on a Windows 8 Kernel (WinRT with the WinRTP API) and current WP7 platform utilizes old, and what people would consider a light, CE kernel, there are definitely some questions that need [&hellip

One the first day of WPC 2012, Steve Ballmer has borrowed a well-known phrase from the Steve Jobs himself (sarcastically or not) and revealed “a one more thing”. As reported earlier, that was the acquisition of Perceptive Pixel. However, we were unable to show you an incredible demo that came with the announcement, up until [&hellip

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