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If you were wondering how much money Windows Phone did generate for the Microsoft, then we have some interesting details to share with you. According to a recent report, the software giant has received a total of $736 million for the fiscal year 2012 (from June 2011 to June 2012) and even more during the

Good news, after publishing the rumored devices list, we have just received a tip from the anonymous source who claims to have an insight on the release dates of the WP8. According to the insider, Verizon will be the launch partner of the WP8 platform, followed by the AT&T and T-Mobile. Tweet

CRM Online + Office 365 vs. SalesForce plans: Professional, Ultimate and Unlimited. When it comes to the cloud and social enterprise, there are two undeniable forces in the area: Microsoft and SalesForce. So, how do these two giants stack up against each other? Well, according to Microsoft’s COO, B. Kevin Turner, they offer exceptional benefits

We’ve been playing with the Outlook 15 for quite some time now and while it does offer some improvements when compared to its predecessor, there are still missing features and/or functionality that we’d like to discuss. 1. Missing Send & Receive Button Tweet

SkyDrive Pro Hinted. What Is It?

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If you have recently installed the Consumer Preview version of the Office 15, then here is what you might have noticed: If you right click on the document (works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8), the following hit at the SkyDrive Pro will appear: Tweet

If you have recently installed the new version of Office 15 and everything around it is blurry, here is a simple way to fix that: File > Options > Advanced Check “Disable hardware graphics acceleration” And that’s pretty much it, restart is not required. Stay tuned. Tweet

Because live blogging sucks. As we wait for the “most transformational Office release” ever, grab your popcorn, open the live stream URL and enjoy the show. When: Monday, July 16, at noon PDT or 3 p.m. EDT What: News from Microsoft Who: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will share the news. Tweet

According to the Ballmer keynote at WPC 2012, Yammer will be integrated into a lot of Microsoft products, including: Skype Office 365 Office 15 No further details were revealed. Stay tuned. Tweet

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