How To: Fix Microsoft Office 15 (2013) Blurry Text

If you have recently installed the new version of Office 15 and everything around it is blurry, here is a simple way to fix that:

File > Options > Advanced
Check “Disable hardware graphics acceleration”

And that’s pretty much it, restart is not required.

Stay tuned.

  • Jason Linden

    I turned FXAA off in my NVidia Control Panel settings for the Office application and that seemed to fix this issue without turning off all hardware acceleration for Office.

  • O1490597

    Thanks man! it really helped

  • Mariusz S. Cybulski

    Thank you for your help.  I was thinking “What the hell” to myself.  I had this issue and at first thought my monitor was on its way out, then maybe my graphics card.. Glad I found this.  I am, however, curious what causes that.

    Mariusz S. Cybulski

  • Smprc

    Thanks Jason L…that did it for me too.

  • Srnvs0708

    Thank You so Much it worked………….:)

  • Thanks FXAA disabled, now working just fine. Thanks Jason

  • Exinoc

    Better yet, create a program specific rule to disable FXAA in Microsoft Outlook. Remember, FXAA is great for gaming, you don’t want to disable it entirely.

    1. open the Nvidia Control Panel
    2. click “Manage 3D settings” from the left menu.
    3. click the “Program Settings” tab
    4. click the “Add” button.
    5. find and select “OUTLOOK.exe” which is located in “:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15”
    7. turn OFF the “Antialiasing – FXAA” feature.
    8. Click apply and restart Outlook.

    • ii


    • Serg

      NVidia 3D settings are not compatible with integrated graphics, so this solution will not work on most laptops.

    • Curter

      thanks a lot dude… worked for me… tho i’m running amd gpu.
      clicked on the 3d settings tab, added outlook there and selected anti aliasing mode override then ‘none’… voila… restart the outlook and blur gone…

  • Miguel Menendez


  • Ivan

    Thanks, it worked. At first I thought it was caused by a recent Office or VGA driver update. Very grateful for you post!

  • Sean Crow

    Thank you. Seriously. Now maybe I won’t go blind as fast. Lol

  • SKF

    Didn’t work. Neither did a few other posts I have seen. The main issue is Word, which does not use clear type anymore.

  • Nduzuba

    You’re a genius

  • mehrdad

    I love you man
    I’ve experienced this problem for a long time
    I searched alot and didn’t find anything useful
    until i met this you <3

  • Kurt Wilson


  • Big Beefy D

    That didn’t do a thing. Office 2013 on Windows 7 Pro…horrible user experience

  • For some reason this did not help me! :(

    • kbancroftbillings

      same. I’ve tried everything and it still is so fuzzy. Would love a real fix.

  • Sara

    AHHHHHH Thank you !!!!!!! This is exactly what I needed and it worked!!!!!