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As you might know, Nokia loves to support the Windows Phone platform. By investing money into the 3rd party developers, they get Lumia exclusive apps and games (in an expense of angry HTC users). But hey, they are the ones spending money so who we are to blame Nokia? Tweet

If you read our site, you know that we like to dig deep into the web and look for some hidden information. Well, today we have another gem for you. According to a recent Amazon job listing, the leading retailer is looking for a software development engineer to work on their Cloud Player app for [&hellip

About a month ago, AAWP reported that Windows Phone marketplace has now over 80k apps and while that’s true, only today did it cross the 80,000 mark for the US market. How so? Well, previous report also includes the apps that are unique to specific countries and are not available anywhere else. Tweet

With the recent Skype 1.0 release for the Windows Phone, there have been a lot of complains, some fair and some not so much. Hopefully, this post will address most (if not all of them). – Microsoft bought Skype 1 year ago, why it took them so long to release a Beta? While Microsoft acquired [&hellip