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Its biggest gain yet. Are you guys ready for some of the best news to date? Well, according to the latest market share report by HitsLink, Windows Phone made a phenomenal progress in Q1, 2013 and this is how the results look like: Tweet

If you are looking for an absolutely awesome game that can be played on your Windows Phone, Surface or Windows 8 PC, Ninja Joe is here to save you. We can’t help but support developers that make games of quality as Ninja Joe is extremely underrated. Check it out. Tweet

If you are looking for some great freebies, here are two: Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry from Disney. Both games are extremely addictive, with hundreds of puzzles, physics, explosives and more. Personally, we are a huge fans of puzzle games, especially when they are fun and challenging rather than frustrating. Tweet

Now here is something to be grateful for. According to the latest report by NetApplications, Windows Phone has just surpassed the 1% market share mark and is now sitting at 1.05%. Tweet

Ever wondered why 920 is always out of stock? Well, here is your answer. According to Nokia’s internal staff (as learned by Chinese journalists), Nokia is currently producing close to 2 million Windows Phone 8 devices per month in their biggest Beijing factory. Breaking production down on a per unit basis it all comes down [&hellip

As you might know, Nokia loves to support the Windows Phone platform. By investing money into the 3rd party developers, they get Lumia exclusive apps and games (in an expense of angry HTC users). But hey, they are the ones spending money so who we are to blame Nokia? Tweet

Now here is something to get you excited, according to the latest data from, Nokia Lumia 920T (the Chinese version of L920) is now the bestselling phone, beating Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and most importantly, the recently released iPhone 5 (which sits at #10). Tweet

Nokia Drive 3.1 For Windows Phone 7 Released

Written on December 15, 2012, by in Categories: Windows Phone

Good news for all you WP7 users, Nokia has just pushed a new update (3.1), which brings the awesome and widely requested feature: an ability to choose your route. As stated in the changelog, Nokia Drive has “Route Options”, allowing you to select your personal preferences for route calculations, such as shorter vs. faster [&hellip

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