Nokia Producing 2 Million+ Windows Phone 8 Devices Monthly

Ever wondered why 920 is always out of stock? Well, here is your answer.

According to Nokia’s internal staff (as learned by Chinese journalists), Nokia is currently producing close to 2 million Windows Phone 8 devices per month in their biggest Beijing factory.

Breaking production down on a per unit basis it all comes down to this:

Nokia Lumia 920: 20,000 phones daily, 600,000 monthly
Nokia Lumia 820: 25,000 phones daily, 750,000 monthly
Nokia Lumia 620: 20,000 phones daily, 600,000 monthly

To make matters “worse”, China Mobile is heavily subsidizing Nokia Lumia 920T, which can be bought for as little as 1 Yuan with a 24 month contract. Prepare for even more shortages.

However, it should be noted that Nokia has more than just a one factory although this is the largest out of all of them.

[Via: CNTV]