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All right folks, grab a seat and listen: so a guy from Twitter has supposedly seen a PureView Windows Phone 8 model for Verizon and posted this: Tweet

Might release in 2013 or beyond. Even though we’ve heard a lot of unjustified rumors about the upcoming Surface Phone, there is not enough sufficient information that reveal the software giant’s plans. However, if you dig deep enough, some interesting bits will be revealed. So why do we believe that Microsoft is working on a [&hellip

Good news, after publishing the rumored devices list, we have just received a tip from the anonymous source who claims to have an insight on the release dates of the WP8. According to the insider, Verizon will be the launch partner of the WP8 platform, followed by the AT&T and T-Mobile. Tweet

Good morning, everyone. Today, we have dug up some juicy information from all over the Internet, from a person who claims to be a Verizon employee, also some external sources. Ready for a Verizon WP8 lineup? Tweet

Nokia Share Price Reach $3

Written on August 23, 2012, by in Categories: Mobile Phones, Windows Phone

After trading at the record low just a mere month ago, it looks like Nokia (NOK) shares have reached the $3 / share mark, at least in the pre-market, up 0.12 cents (4.17%). Tweet

Windows Phone Got Me Laid

Written on May 20, 2012, by in Categories: Microsoft, Mobile Phones, Windows Phone

It was another day… I bought a cyan version of the Nokia Lumia 900, jumped to the back of a bus, launched Tentacles and headed to work. A beautiful girl with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes entered a bus, since it was crowded, she sat next to me. A sweet smell of her [&hellip

Back in February, there was a report about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 features that, thanks to employee from Nokia, were leaked to the web. Tweet

Samsung Stops Copying Apple

Written on February 28, 2012, by in Categories: Microsoft, Mobile Phones, Windows Phone

Good news for all the Samsung lawyers out there, after numerous tries, it looks like Sammy’s copy and paste department has finally found some creativity and been able to fart out something of their own. Instead of ripping the design from a 5 year old iPhone, which already looks dull and boring, here is what [&hellip

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