Samsung Stops Copying Apple

Good news for all the Samsung lawyers out there, after numerous tries, it looks like Sammy’s copy and paste department has finally found some creativity and been able to fart out something of their own.

Instead of ripping the design from a 5 year old iPhone, which already looks dull and boring, here is what Samsung has come up with:

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung Stops Copying Apple

Oh wait…

I believe we have seen that before

Just weeks after ripping the Smoked by the Windows Phone challenge, Samsung went one step further and also ripped the design of low budget phone Windows Phones, Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit

Samsung Stops Copying Apple

Samsung Stops Copying Apple

Pretty nice designs, aren’t they?

Picture Sources: Pocket-Init, Engadget

  • max

    Is this sarcasm or is the writer really bad at being professional? Apple copies someone else, who copied someone else, who was inspired by someone else. Everything put there is copied or inspired by something else. Rarely are things innovative and original. Apple certainly aren’t, neither is apple.

  • tho

    f**k samsung