Windows Phone Tango To Support 1080p Recording, High End Devices?

If you’ve already seen the ad above then chances are, you might be wondering, what this fuzz is all about when Windows Phone 7.5 does not support 1080p recording?

Is this a new Nokia Symbian phone? Well, not really. We have just received a tip, which states that the upcoming Windows Phone Tango release, set to be unveiled next week, will support 1080p recording among other new features and Nokia is the one, who’s bringing that to the table with it’s Nokia Pure.

Now, as you might have heard, Windows Phone Tango is supposedly designed for the lower end devices but this is not entirely the case. In fact, all high end devices will receive such update as well, bringing already leaked features to the table, such as MMS Improvements, etc.

Stay tuned.

  • Oily Pecker

    1) WP7 is not ready to support a high-end camera. The optimization is still not there yet. Case in point: Nokia N9’s camera >>>> Nokia Lumia 800’s camera.

    2) There will be one Symbian phone to be announced at MWC, and it’ll be the PureView. The feature phones will be the Asha devices running S40, and WP7 will cater to the mid-range phones. Nokia-Microsoft needs *cheaper* WP7 phones (Lumia 610) at lower price points, not more expensive WP7 phones. Mr Elop still wants that ‘third ecosystem’.

    3) Windows Phone ‘Tango’ is mainly a LTE-support update, with miscellaneous minor improvements over Mango. Tango has nothing to do with 1080p.

    So… your tip is wrong. We’ll find out next week.

    • 7.10.8107 added LTE support ;)

      All WP devices will receive Tango, we shall wait and see.

    • Frank

      You’re wrong on point 1 and the first half of point 3, and you don’t know what you are talking about on point 2 and the second half of point 3. So basically, you’re talking out of your ssa. :)