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Back in the 00s, Google Search overtook Yahoo, MSN Search and other, less known providers. Not only that, but it looked like no one could challenge the search giant. Now, it looks like their monopoly is about to be shattered as according to the latest data from Comscore, Microsoft’s Bing now controls more than 1/4 [&hellip

Pricing and hidden costs for business consumers. During one of the most recent Microsoft presentations, the search giant had some interesting things to share regarding Google Apps and how it stacks up against Office 365 and Exchange. Tweet

Who spends the most on R&D? Spending significantly on the research and development, could guarantee you a prosper feature, assuming you know what the hell you are doing. Talking about the importance on innovation, Microsoft’s COO, had some important things to say. According to Kevin Turner, during recession, the software giant was the only company [&hellip

During today’s WPC Event (Vision keynote), Microsoft has shared an interesting slide from Secunia, the leading security researcher worldwide. As it turns out, based on a number of security vulnerabilities that were discovered last year, Microsoft is leading the way in security and reliability. Tweet

During today’s WPC Event (Vision keynote), one of the most enthusiastic Microsoft’s employees, B. Kevin Turner, had some interesting things to share about some of its competitors and obviously, Google is one of them. So what did he say? Well, let me share with you a couple of slides. Tweet

Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion

Written on August 15, 2011, by in Categories: Google

Good morning everyone, Before news breaks out and all the buzz begins, we have something exclusive for you: Google will acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion or $40 per share in cash, a deal that will be announced later today! No further details are known yet. Stay tuned. Update: It’s now official! Tweet

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in November 11th

Written on November 6, 2010, by in Categories: Google, Mobile Phones, Software

Before we start, let’s clarify one thing: Android 2.3 and not 3.0 (as previously expected) is Gingerbread. Honeycomb on the other hand, is Android 3.0 codename. If certain rumors are to be believed, then Android 2.3 will be released earlier than expected and that is: next week, on November 11th. Are there any confirmations? Tweet