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Ever wondered why 920 is always out of stock? Well, here is your answer. According to Nokia’s internal staff (as learned by Chinese journalists), Nokia is currently producing close to 2 million Windows Phone 8 devices per month in their biggest Beijing factory. Breaking production down on a per unit basis it all comes down

As you might know, Nokia loves to support the Windows Phone platform. By investing money into the 3rd party developers, they get Lumia exclusive apps and games (in an expense of angry HTC users). But hey, they are the ones spending money so who we are to blame Nokia? Tweet

Now here is something to get you excited, according to the latest data from, Nokia Lumia 920T (the Chinese version of L920) is now the bestselling phone, beating Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and most importantly, the recently released iPhone 5 (which sits at #10). Tweet

All right folks, grab a seat and listen: so a guy from Twitter has supposedly seen a PureView Windows Phone 8 model for Verizon and posted this: Tweet

Yellow Lumia 920 With Red And Blue Tiles

Written on September 14, 2012, by in Categories: Nokia, Windows Phone

If you were wondering how does the yellow Lumia 920 look like when using red or blue tiles, we have some images to share with you. These are simulated and non official pictures but hey, it will look pretty much identical. Tweet

The clock is ticking for the upcoming event and we got you covered. Here is what you need: Tweet