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CRM Online + Office 365 vs. SalesForce plans: Professional, Ultimate and Unlimited. When it comes to the cloud and social enterprise, there are two undeniable forces in the area: Microsoft and SalesForce. So, how do these two giants stack up against each other? Well, according to Microsoft’s COO, B. Kevin Turner, they offer exceptional benefits [&hellip

Pricing and hidden costs for business consumers. During one of the most recent Microsoft presentations, the search giant had some interesting things to share regarding Google Apps and how it stacks up against Office 365 and Exchange. Tweet

We’ve been playing with the Outlook 15 for quite some time now and while it does offer some improvements when compared to its predecessor, there are still missing features and/or functionality that we’d like to discuss. 1. Missing Send & Receive Button Tweet

Microsoft becomes a leader in the server usage share, cuts pricing. More good news for all the software giant fans out there and for those, who are into the enterprise. According to the latest market share report from the IDC, with a staggering 46%, Microsoft SQL server is now a leader in the server usage [&hellip

Yammer, a social network for the enterprise, has been recently purchased by Microsoft for over $1.2 billion dollars and as we reported earlier, the software giant has some great plans for its future. Tweet

Something from the past. Both Microsoft and Apple already have great relations with each other (like cross patent licensing deal) and although they are competing in similar markets, it does not mean that you should miss great opportunities when it comes to business and revenue. So where do you go from there? Well, according to [&hellip

Microsoft reveals new pricing and market share numbers. There were a lot of things to announce during Microsoft’s WPC 2012 conference and one of them was a comparison between VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Tweet

During today’s WPC Event (Vision keynote), Microsoft has shared an interesting slide from Secunia, the leading security researcher worldwide. As it turns out, based on a number of security vulnerabilities that were discovered last year, Microsoft is leading the way in security and reliability. Tweet

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