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Might release in 2013 or beyond. Even though we’ve heard a lot of unjustified rumors about the upcoming Surface Phone, there is not enough sufficient information that reveal the software giant’s plans. However, if you dig deep enough, some interesting bits will be revealed. So why do we believe that Microsoft is working on a

Good news for all the Microsoft fans and shareholders out there, according to the report from the TechNewsWorld, the software giant is planning a massive advertising campaign. Tweet

The clock is ticking for the upcoming event and we got you covered. Here is what you need: Tweet

If you were wondering how much money Windows Phone did generate for the Microsoft, then we have some interesting details to share with you. According to a recent report, the software giant has received a total of $736 million for the fiscal year 2012 (from June 2011 to June 2012) and even more during the

Back in 2007, Microsoft has acquired a 1.6% stake in Facebook for a total of $240 million. Now, thanks to our sources, we have learned that the software giant has sold 20% of its Facebook stake for a total of $249.163.150 million, which is almost $10 million more than they have originally invested. However, the

Back in the 00s, Google Search overtook Yahoo, MSN Search and other, less known providers. Not only that, but it looked like no one could challenge the search giant. Now, it looks like their monopoly is about to be shattered as according to the latest data from Comscore, Microsoft’s Bing now controls more than 1/4

CRM Online + Office 365 vs. SalesForce plans: Professional, Ultimate and Unlimited. When it comes to the cloud and social enterprise, there are two undeniable forces in the area: Microsoft and SalesForce. So, how do these two giants stack up against each other? Well, according to Microsoft’s COO, B. Kevin Turner, they offer exceptional benefits

Pricing and hidden costs for business consumers. During one of the most recent Microsoft presentations, the search giant had some interesting things to share regarding Google Apps and how it stacks up against Office 365 and Exchange. Tweet

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