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Might release in 2013 or beyond. Even though we’ve heard a lot of unjustified rumors about the upcoming Surface Phone, there is not enough sufficient information that reveal the software giant’s plans. However, if you dig deep enough, some interesting bits will be revealed. So why do we believe that Microsoft is working on a [&hellip

With close to a $10 billion budget for the research and development, Microsoft is known to do all kinds of weird things. Now, according to the latest report by CNN, Microsoft Research has created a the electro luminescent butterfly with non-mechanical wings that curl up when given a little heat. Tweet

Who spends the most on R&D? Spending significantly on the research and development, could guarantee you a prosper feature, assuming you know what the hell you are doing. Talking about the importance on innovation, Microsoft’s COO, had some important things to say. According to Kevin Turner, during recession, the software giant was the only company [&hellip