Windows Phone 9: Bing Vision / Scan / Local Scout And Maps

Well, here is a another list to add to your rumors pack. Now, we all know that you can scan bar codes, recognize music, etc.

Have you heard about Google’s image search, where you type in the URL and it displays similar pictures?

Well, here is what you will be able to achieve in the future version of Bing Scan and Vision.

a) Common objects recognition.


1. Let’s say you are on a diet and have a banana in front of you. Bing scan will recognize the fruit and display the nutritional information, including vitamins and minerals.

2. Assuming you scan a cake, it would be pretty hard to display nutritional value for such item. As a result, Bing will display most common recipes for the chocolate cake (including nutritional values), reviews and directions to the nearest shopping locations.

3. With the use of NFC and Bing scan, you will be able to scan various appliances and PC hardware in a shopping center, see their latest reviews, ratings, average online price and more.

b) Local Scout, augmented reality GPS and Maps

Thanks to your camera and Bing data, you will be able to scan a view in front of you, which will then display data on top of your image (think augmented reality), including street names and all the things you would expect from the Local Scout.

Exciting? There are much more ways you could utilize this.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.