NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Not Launching Next Week

According to one of our sources, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 will not be actually released next week.

If whispers are correct, it will only be a paper and not a hard launch, as everyone expect.

When is the hard launch? Early 2011 (January, February) or late 2010 (December).

However, take this with a big grain of salt, because this is not our source and therefore, not 100% trustworthy.

  • TSMC

    Hey, you read SemiAccurate too! cool.

  • Scoobert

    Your source must be Charlie the idiot at semiaccurate. That guy knows jack s#!t

  • Although SA wrote about no release as well, it is different kind of source.

    In case we hear that from other web sites, we will let you know that.