AMD Bulldozer Release Date

We got some details that AMD is set to announce a preliminary launch date during the upcoming Financial Analysts Day.

You mean the exact date?

No, however, instead of telling us H1 2011, it will now be narrowed to quarters. Therefore, it’s either Q1 or Q2 of 2011.

What is more interesting is this:

We’ve heard that AMD is actually planning to launch AMD Bulldozer in the early or mid Q1 of 2011, that means: late January/February.

How accurate this information is? First bit comes from our own insiders (99% accurate), while second one is not.

Stay tuned.

  • I wont believe in Q1’11, but late Q2’11 – would be great, actually.

  • NDB

    Actually, AMD never said H1 as you seem to imply. The only thing they detailed so far is 2011.
    And if anything, they rather denied H1 by telling it’ll come after Llano while Llano is “in summer”.
    This was said by Dirk Meyer on Q3 conference call just a couple of weeks ago…

  • ChuckHurst

    Blimey, C’mon AMD get with the program! Sandy Bridge is down, kick intel in the nuts already!

    I love manseed. The black kind.