Microsoft DirectX 11.1 and 12

So what’s happening with Microsoft DirectX 11.1 and DirectX 12?

Apparently, with the help of AMD and NVIDIA, company is working on two versions separately.

According to the scenario A, the next version of DirectX will be revealed next and not this year, as some sites suggest that is 2011. Likely, it will happen during the Gamefest 11 event. Let’s just say late Q2 of 2011.

Therefore, you can expect next generation of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA to fully support DirectX 11.1 features.

What is more interesting is the fact that version 11.1 might be canned and merged with the DirectX 12, in case plans don’t go as expected.

However, if DirectX 11.1 is merged with DirectX 12, year 2012 is when you can expect new GPUs with such support, which are AMD Radeon HD 8000 and NVIDIA Maxwell.

Stay tuned as we bring you more details in the future.

  • IIRC Maxwell is a 2013 chip. Very late 2011/2012 is Kepler.

    • 2011 is Kepler, therefore, it shouldn’t support DX 12, 2013 is Maxwell


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  • Shouldn’t they allow at least 2 more years for DX11 games to flourish? I mean come on its not like there are dozens of DX11 titles out yet as it is!!!

    • Bric Aaron

      The last I checked, as of October 2011, there are ZERO DirectX 11 games. I haven’t done an exhaustive search, but I know of not a single game that is designed and optimized specifically for DX11, only games that incorporate DX11 features into a DX9 game (just as games have incorporated DX10 ‘features’ into DX9 games).

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