Intel Sandy Bridge ASUS Motherboard with UEFI

Remember UEFI? The one that is “supposed” to kill BIOS in the near future? It’s finally happening.

It looks like a Swedish site got their hands on an early motherboard sample from ASUS and even managed to shot a short video.


There are two main factors: faster boot times and ability to boot from partitions larger than 2 TB, something what BIOS does not allow.

However, it also offers other improvements, especially when it comes to the user interface area: it allows you to use mouse. One might argue that they still prefer BIOS, however, keep in mind that “blue configuration page” that you see is not a BIOS but rather just a skin on top of the hideous and old input/output system. For you, geeks, there is still a possibility to have “BIOS like” interface on UEFI motherboards.

Now, that we debunked a couple of arguments, lets check other benefits:

Flexible boot from an unlimited variety of sources
Independent of CPU architecture
Fully fledged software environment
Supports 32 and 64 bit memory addressing
Advanced security including encryption
Drivers support

So here you have it, the very first video of a UEFI mobo for Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processor.

Source: SweClockers