AMD: New GPU Family in Early 2011?

We have just received an interesting piece of information that confused us a lot.

First, according to one of our “close to AMD” sources, company is planning to release a new GPU family in early 2011.

Not yet confused? Does “new GPU family” mean “new generation” and/or architecture? Or just new naming scheme?

Now, from what we already know, it does not make a lot of sense, since HD 6000 was revealed just a month ago and HD 7000 is planned for Q2-Q3 release of 2011. Could this be a drastic plan change?

Here are the possible options:

a) This is just a false information to catch insiders or confuse competitors
b) It’s HD 7000 family and GlobalFoundries received some magic powder to speed up their 28nm process (unlikely).
c) AMD Fusion part
d) In case we disregard option A, this one might sound good on a paper: AMD will release a test chip of Radeon HD 7000 series on a 40nm process technology.

So here you have it.

There is definitely something going on and we are eager to dig out more information in the near future.

  • There are some interesting bits floating around that it may also be:

    e) New FirePro cards family
    f) 28nm test spin, just like HD 4770 was

  • e) it could be, FirePro based on Cayman/4D architecture sound possible. Btw, do you have any info on Cayman itself?

    f) 28nm test spin, just like HD 4750 was
    …not 4770?
    but: it may be true, 28nm could surely use a test chip. Maybe 1/3 of Cayman?

    • Nothing new about Cayman yet. Everything was already mentioned by other sites.

      You’re right about 4770, was thinking about different things while posting :)

      28nm point is an interesting one, according to some reports, TMSC will start producing 28nm chips in Q4 of 2010 so it’s plausible.

      • Talking about AMD and 28nm we have to remember about GF and possible use of their 28nm process; TSMC isn’t the only kid in town with fancy toys these days ; )

        • That’s true, although during AMD press event, they stated that process is not yet ready. So I wouldn’t count on that one, but who knows, maybe it’s all sorted out now.

  • Relayer

    If I were to wager, I’d put even money on either Fire Pro or mobile. Leaning a bit towards mobile, since the 6800’s boost perf/W.