iPad and iPhone 5 can “Play” Games on Apple TV

Apple TV 2.0 Features Seamless Siri Integration

iPad and iPhone 5 can Play Games on Apple TVWho needs consoles when you can play Angry Birds on a giant TV screen? This is exactly what’s happening.

Now, before you think: I don’t want to sit inches away from my TV and touch it with my fingers, calm down already.

According to our tipster, the upcoming Apple products will borrow heavily from the Nintento Wii U, as the handset you are holding (iPad or iPhone in this case) will actually become a controller.

No buttons, no gimmicks, just pure touch. Thanks to the upcoming iOS 6 update, once connected to the Apple TV, not only will you be able to utilize the standard TV controls but much more.

We are not exactly sure how this works yet, but we’ll be sure to dig around for any additional details.

Stay tuned.