Exclusive AMD Bulldozer Details From Gigabyte (Updated)

Today is a good day as we have just received a great picture from Kirllos which was acquired by mega-d botnet.

Where is it from? According to email, it was borrowed from Gigabyte’s corporate network.

Machine is running AMD FX 8110 processor with the maximum TDP of 95W @ 2.8 Ghz and Socket AMD3b 942 package. If you are wondering why it says 3.8 GHz as well, it’s because o the AMD turbo boost.

Exclusive AMD Bulldozer Details From Gigabyte
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According to the Gigabyte CPUZ History:

1.58.1gb – April 2011 update includes:

– AMD Bulldozer processor new instructions…
– AMD Zambezi, Valencia, Interlagos (32nm) support.
– AMD 990FX/RD990 + SB950 chipset.
– AMD AM3b/AMD+3 (black) socket detection.
– AMD Turbo Core TDP mode detection.
– NEW AMD logos / Tidy interface,
– DDR4 1.2v preliminary support.
– Add ID’s for future Intel 2650, 2700, 2800k editions.
– Several bugs fixed.

Oh, it also has some benchmark numbers for you to check out.

As always, info is not confirmed by us and take it with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, we thank Kirllos for the information!


Just to clarify few things:

It has few screenshtos merged together, hence the active windows.
MSN Chat talks about updated BIOS version which should fix readings.
DDR4 support changelog is not for AMD Bulldozer.

Update 2:

We have been contacted by GIGABYTE and they confirmed that the chat conversation and all the details are fake.


On the other hand, who in the sane mind would say: yes, of course it’s real. We leave this for You to decide. Fake or real?

  • Vinnykewl44

    Is that… Better than a 2600k @ 4.5GHz?

    • Yeahright982

      It is at stock 2.8Ghz and Turbos to 3.8Ghz.So it is even better than what it looks like ;). Turbo wont kick in in ehavy FP workloads.Both Wprime and SUper PI are heavy FP

      • gruffi

        But Super Pi is only single-threaded. So I guess it runs with full Turbo.

  • Jesus christ!!! if this is true

    AMD 8core at stock 3.8 ghz beats overclocked i7 2600k@4.5Ghz!!!

    Hopefully this will lower Thuban 6core prices

  • sry guys

    this is a fake screenshot.

  • bullshit

    game over it’s fake, how did they select msn + cpuz as active windows at the same

  • Glutimous

    It might be fake, but I don’t believe there is more than one active window. Look at the window in the lower right. The border is transparent and shows the white areas underneath it. the other windows are showing the blue desktop through them.

  • Warrenwongyeeket

    Fake. The notepad window is the active window but the bottom part of the notepad window is underneath the taskbar. Plus there’s no Windows Live Messenger Chat window icon on the taskbar while there’s a Windows Live Messenger Chat window.

    • Alexboy94

      The messenger window is the active window, notepad isn’t. Also you can have messenger appear in the notification area and not on the taskbar. Just saying is all. I still don’t think this is real though.

  • Needs_improvement

    Forgot to add windows live messenger on the task bar!

  • Lanqsqho

    fake, two active windows (red X)

  • Zmcjs

    why this is a fake!

  • Just Me

    Why radeon logo design is used? I doubt these are a valid cpu logos.

  • Guest

    This is fake

  • ender

    Sure is a fake…there are 2 Recycle Bin.The first:
    bottom left corner
    above the start button and the second one :
    top right corner, just below the cpu-z window.

    • Moshpit

       sorry didn’t see your post before posting my same observation!

  • Real..Bulldozer is great..u have to believe..!!

  •  Why does Gigabyte creates fakes?

  • Moshpit

    2 Trash bins, one in upper right corner, one in lower left corner, strikes as suspicious as well. One can create extra desktop shortcuts to Trash, but why? Also, if that’s the case, where’s the short cut tag on one of them in the upper right corner of the icon? Short cut tags can be disabled as well, but why? Theory? That both are real Trash icons, and indicate different desktops that screenshots were taken from.

    • Moshpit

       Oops, Looks like somebody already spotted this, my bad!