• Dhchghks

    Hmm… So I’d rather wait 3months…

  • Seems like I’m saving up for a Llano Laptop.

  • techman

    Do people really watch movies and play games at the same time?

    • Al

      ^^ this should be an eye-opener for many

      • Leela Krishna

        By extending monitor, You can watch your loved movies and your kids enjoy Gaming..!! :)

    • Venu

      The illustration is to show how much power is drawn in such multitasking scenario’s primarily I guess, in any case, power drawn is directly proportional to heat generated, so for mobile users, first priority is a cooler laptop

  • heheĀ im finaly going to be able to afford a laptop that can play my world of warcraft :) good timesĀ 

  • zeljo

    people no but two people yes…

  • Jed

    Interesting marketing slide, but I’ll remain skeptical until we see more real, independent data. I don’t know why integrated graphics is still being espoused as important to hardcore gamers (like the kind who would be playing the FPS games included in the slide) as they are ALWAYS going to be going discreet. YES, that will probably change in the future, but we’re still a long ways off. That then leaves core performance as the determining factor when buying a gaming CPU, which Intel will still win hands down.
    Not that I’m an Intel fanboy, just gutting through the marketing glitter. I really hope AMD enjoys unprecedented success with their new platform, and I know they likely will in the budget arena and perhaps even gain more marketshare in the mainstream segment. Competition is a Good Thing. Go AMD!