AMD FX 8150P Bulldozer Price: $300

AMD FX-8150P Bulldozer Price: $300Good news everyone,

After digging through AMD’s web site, we have found that the upcoming 8 core Zambezi processor from AMD will retail at $300.

How do we know that?

Recently, AMD has announced the give away of 5 x AMD FX-8150P processors. However, if you scroll down through their terms, the following line can be found:

Top tier prizes: Five (5) AMD FX series eight-core processors. Approximate Retail Value: $300 USD each.

In comparison, Intel Core i7 2600 Sandy Bridge 3.4 GHz Socket 1155 95W Quad-core desktop CPU retails at around $300 as well, which is a beast of a processor.

Stay tuned.

  • I can break these cuffs

    Nice I can’t wait sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome cpu. AMD I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!

  • RF

    Release the damn chip already cause most of us are tired.

  • The question is, what’s the performance going to be like next to a quad-core Sandy Bridge that has fewer cores and a lower frequency?