AMD Bulldozer Delayed To Q4 2011

Bulldozer Delay 2011 Q4Oh boy, it looks like the saga of Bulldozer will never end as the desktop version has been delayed yet again, at least till the Q4 of 2011.

How do we know that? Well, there are a few sources:

First of all, John Fruehe, the Director of Product Marketing for Server/Workstation products at AMD has confirmed that himself with a comment in “The Start of a New Era” article.

AMD Bulldozer Delayed, Again

Secondly, Seeking Alpha reported (via XBitLabs) the following:

“Timing is extremely important in this industry, where every company wants to be ahead in term of innovation and technology. AMD delayed the launch Bulldozer chips until October.”

While we take SA article with a grain of salt, AMD itself confirming the delay pretty much settles the debate.

  • Mygaffer

    You do know that Q4 2011 is over the end of September, right? So you are saying these parts are delayed until now? These parts will be out this month.

    • Corrector

      What calendar do you use that has the 4th quarter ending 3/4 of the way through the year? Do you think Oct-Dec is the 5th quarter?
      There are 4 quarters in a year (hence the name quarters meaning 1/4).
      I’ll break it down for the elementary school challenged:
      Jan-Mar: 1st Quarter
      Apr-Jun: 2nd Quarter
      Jul-Sep: 3rd Quarter
      Oct-Dec: 4th Quarter

      There are financial quarters for companies but for AMD this is pretty much aligned with the calendar quarter. Also, nobody uses financial quarters for product shipment type announcements.