Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9: Security

Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9: Security

Thanks to the cloud and Internet Explorer 11.

Here is an interesting piece of information for you, call it a rumor all you want, I’ll do little to no explanation; just show you what I have received.

With the use of Kinect or fingerprint reader, we take a unique ID from the user (if using Kinect, it will not work like “Face unlock”, which is bad for security as you can use photo. Instead, an action is required, such as smile (move face to confirm your identity)). So we have unique ID.

This is what we do now. Set Internet Explorer to generate a unique and random password hashes for every site. Signing up for Twitter? Touch fingerprint reader (or smile), a new password is generated (and saved to the cloud), touch same finger again when logging in and details are entered automatically, highly secure passwords that you don’t have to remember.

In addition to that, Trojans can’t steal anything as they would be stored in the cloud.

If your phone, tablet or a laptop is stolen, they can’t access passwords nor login to any of the web pages because fingerprints (or your face) do not match. In addition to that, if phone is stolen, you could set software to scan the thief’s face, send it online to your preconfigured email and boom, you just caught him.

Part 2 will be published next week.

Update: Part 2 can be read here

  • Sounds cool I was hoping that they would have something like this for WP9. I assumed they would have deeper Xbox-Live and Kinect integration because Xbox 720 would be coming out around the same time.