Rumor: Windows 8 To Support Xbox 360 Games

Windows 8 To Support Xbox 360 GamesRemember when Steve Ballmer said that Windows 8 will offer a real push for a PC gaming? Ever wondered what would it be?

Well, according to Andrew, the upcoming Windows 8 OS will include a feature which allows you to play Xbox 360 games on your PC.

You heard it right: a native Xbox 360 app for your Windows machine.

Stay tuned as we try to dig more information in the upcoming months.

Update: You can read more about it here.

  • If it’s native, then it obviously isn’t an emulator. ಠ_ಠ

    • FMP

      Mother of god, somebody with a brain.

      • yannquix


  • LethalHeadshot

    Tommy Brunn; you must be high. Native app != native hardware. It just meant that the app is created/sanctioned by Microsoft. Since it’s an app, and not hardware, it most certainly is an emulator.

    Interesting that PC hardware is to the point that it can emulate current Consoles though.

    • Guest

      I can’t believe I just read read

      “Interesting that PC hardware is to the point that it can emulate current Consoles though.”

      Are you fucking retarded? Have you never owned a real PC? PC’s are miles ahead when it comes to hardware. Consoles are GARBAGE by comparison to a good PC, their computing power is simply trash.

      • YouAreIgnorant

        If you knew anything about emulation you would realise that PC hardware needs to be A LOT faster than a console in order to emulate that console.  Computers have been faster than xbox360 for years… why do you think there is no working emulator yet?

        • Guest

           It’s less to do with hardware or computing power and more to do with it’s far easier to mod a console then it is to port the entire system to PC. Microsoft can do it and sell it so they will.

          But this is a good direction for MS.

        • Guest

          If you knew anything about the 360 you’d know that there is very little difference in the architect between a PC and 360.
          The more different the hardware the more processing power needed to emulate it. But if it’s practically the same thing just lower specs, there is little overhead.

      • Anonymous

        go download a PS2 emulator on your high spec PC and check how many games are playable at a decent quality and speed. I garauntee, it will be a very tiny amount.

        • tim

          Try using Bleem! for PS2 emulation. 10 years ago I could play just about any ps2 game out there (that was worth playing) on my pc. I am sure now you can play even more..

        • BruceLi

          I do think MS can emulate their own 360 better than the PCSX2’s performance on PS2
          that’s obvious XD

        • toronto

          Well…this one is easy: Seeing that the PS2 is actually working on a modified version of the MIPS-technology, it is “hard” to emulate the hardware (reasons you easily can find by yourself), you need a lot of horsepower to emulate this efficient on the x86(-64)-platform.

          Talking about the XBox? Well that is a PowerPC-architecture which is designed for consoles, but it runs on nearly identical code. You wouldn’t even need to emulate it…

          Why it can’t be done by free programmers today? Because they have to reverse engineer everything and have to use different codes then MS does. That is really hard to accomplish without getting your ass sued off this planet. MS however has direct access to the platform-code and could easily port it.

  • guesty

    @4f3483c6b0ed4829338eb164e66733bc:disqus is it really that interesting? PC hardware has blown console hardware out of the water for years now.

    • bongrip

      PC hardware has always blown console hardware out of the water. Next gen consoles just catch up then fall behind within a month or so.

  • John Russell

    this kinda makes sense actually. When Xbox sells an Xbox, they make no money out of the Xbox (they only lose money). They make money out of the games. 

    This way, they dont lose any money, only profit.

    This is f*cking genius actually

    not sure what they mean about an emulator, that just god damn retarded

    • ???

      They make no money from selling a console?

      Are you kidding?

      • Alex

        they dont, they make all the money from liscencing games that are sold for the platform, they take about $10 for every game sold, iirc sony lose about $150 on each console, microsoft probably a bit less

        • ooishi

          This whole comment thread is filled with so much ignorance… no, m$soft lost money only about until 2009, they have been making profit off of each console since then.

  • this is going to be earth shattering but i hope it is for ALL games and not an ad ridden commercial mess

  • Ratchetnclank

    Fake. They wouldn’t make their main gaming console obsolete

    • Nooh

      I am PC and Network Engineer by nature (google Nooh’s watercooling setup). Reason I say this is just to back up what I am about to say. Some interesting points I have seen in this thread so far.

      Anyways this is how I see the whole game unfolding. Both PS3 and XBOX 360 are hitting a wall in what there capabilities are and to some extent need hardware update to enable 3d and tessalation (dx11 features). If anything I think its going to give both PC and even xbox360 few extended years with the hardware. I have a very old xbox 360 and its drive modded . I hardly play it due to preference of playing games at a much higher spec using the PC . The reason for me not playing also is that graphics , fps , Anti aliasing , anisotropic filtering and the lack of all these features . ALso I see a lot textures leak, normally this happens when you run out of gpu power either by memory or current. SO ITS TOO OLD ALL READY.

      Oh yeah I have also tried playing ps2 games with a emulater and I saw I can run upto 6 instances of the game before it started to hit my FPS. So its more than possible to do this. But main question is does it make sence?

      And for that I think yes as there is a greater chance of a new console being announced next april and by that time they can milk all they can from the xbox 360 in the next 3 years after the release of the windows 8 and the new console. Like having ps2 emulator and still make money on the games. Oh yeah there will be the factor of cracking the games , but even with this they only make a loss if they start making new games .But if its only for using old games then its not too bad.

  • MikeAce

    It is possible, XNA studio could work without real console when developing arcade games. And that just the same for those native game apps(arcade game seems using .net framework). But I do not suppose integrating an emulator for xbox360 in windwows 8 is a good idea. Console game has fixed FPS(when possible), fixed resolution(fake 1080p) and fixed controller(Xbox 360 controller on PC may be required). xbox 360 is much cheaper than a emulator qualified PC.

  • Sawer

    In my opinion this will be more of a Hardware Assisted Virtualization mode then some App or emulation. Remember the XP Mode in Windows 7. Well if the rumor is true, we will get an XBOX360 Mode with Windows 8.

  • John Owens

    This could be an awful decision as one of the big reasons for developing on consoles is relatively less piracy just simply due to the fact it’s hardware rather than software. This will make it much easier to pirate games.

    It makes sense for Microsoft however they better lock it down really good although this should be possible with a permanent internet connection.

  • secretxax

    Calm down everyone! I think that they (the article) meant that the newer games (the ones TO come out, NOT the ones already out) are going to have a PC version (most likely a port anyway!).


  • Niels

    So, why ask if it’s possible? We’ll see it when they announce it.

    The first thing I thought of when reading this was HALO!
    So I can’t wait for it, if it works ^.^

  • andy

    what a load of rubbish xbox cant even get 360 right never mind mixing it up with pcs. microsoft is a discriminative company who has no regards for anybody but themselves.they are openely breaching the disability rights act by banning people with what would you do if you had touretts syndrome and by accident you swore down your mic then the next day you were banned? well thats what they do and its blatant discrimination.have they forgot they have signed up to the disability discrimination act or are they just being a typical american company who doesnt care and thinks that they can break whatever rules they like. well if the current attitude carries on nobody in europe will see the new xbox because there will be a injunction placed on microsoft from trading in europe as they are breaching the disability discrimination act.they also print a load of rules and they pick and choose which rule they will follow depending on where you come from. i wouldnt even entertain the new equipment from microsoft as they are arsed about modders,hackers or jtags so why buy there software when they dont even give a ring up xbox tell them of a modder and there not bothered well according to the rules there supposed to be banned. also they are not bothered about minors playing 18 games even though again in there rules you should be banned. so if you an american faggot who mods youre ok but anybody else and you will be if you have any sense leave microsofts crap at the shop get a pc or playstation or better still if everybody complained about modders,hackers,jtags,minors playing games or you feel discriminated against by microsoft email me at and we can all put in a complaint to our goverment and i will get answers and if there is any compensation due i will make sure you get it.

    • BatFastard

      Does this have any relevance or are you just making stuff up with no real direction?

      • BuckingFumpers

        Good job on replying to that 7 month old comment…yeah.


  • Joshua

    wtf is this????? i prefer windows 7 NOW CONSOLE GAMERS WILL BE ON THE PC Bullshit

  • Well that is really great only for those who make the us of window 8 but what for those who use window 7 they are totally in loss and I am also the one. Also Windows 8 OS will include interesting feature which allows one to play Xbox 360 games on your PC.

    • mm98