Windows 8 to Include Separate UI’s and Boot Management

Windows 8 to Include Separate UI's and Boot ManagementAs Microsoft continues to work on the next generation Windows OS (aka Windows 8), we got some more information for you to check out.

Separate User Interfaces

According to Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro, Windows 8 user interface will change drastically depending on targeted hardware. You can also expect to see Windows Phone 7 alike tiles integrated into Windows 8 (presumably for tablets and similar devices).

Basically, they want to integrate Windows into as many devices (big or small, mobile or not, etc.) as possible, this strategy is called “Windows Everywhere”.

Boot Management

My oh my, look what we have just found: a patent filled by Microsoft called “FAST BOOTING A COMPUTING DEVICE TO A SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE”.

Think about as Google Chrome OS competitor. Very fast boot time and limited user experience (when required).


Windows 8 has its own virtual drive to mount ISO files in early M1 builds.
Windows 8 has context menu items for VHD mounting.

Stay tuned for more.

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