NVIDIA Working on a Morphological Anti-Aliasing

NVIDIA Working on a Morphological Anti-Aliasing

With the release of HD 6000 series, AMD has also revealed a morphological aa technology that not only works with the latest GPUs, but also HD 5000 series.

Basically, it is a post-processing effect that improves image quality, reduces aliasing and best of all: it can be applied to all games and has no significant performance hit at all (just a few FPS).

Well, we’ve heard that NVIDIA was “pleasantly” surprised when AMD introduced such technology.

According to our sources, they are working on a morphological anti-aliasing alternative that should match AMD current offerings.

However, if NVIDIA pulls this off, there is one significant difference: unlike AMDs MLAA, it should not smoothen in game text aka make ir blurry (see picture below).

Picture Source: TomsHardware

As it’s currently in somehow early planning stage, who knows when can we expect and whether NVIDIA can pull text trick off or not.

Stay tuned.