AMD Llano in Q2 2011, Bulldozer in Early Summer

During the AMD conference call, Thomas Seifert, the interim chief executive officer of AMD said that Llano is set for Q2 launch. As for Bulldozer, desktop version comes in Q2 with server platform set to follow in Q3 of 2011.

We have entered a new phase with our 32nm ramp and are now sampling thousands of Llano products to a wide variety of OEMs and ODMs as they prepare for production in Q2”

“We have begun sampling our 32nm Bulldozer-based Orochi parts in volume with customers worldwide. We expect Orochi for desktops to ship in production in early summer and the Orochi for servers in late summer,”

  • Johnnygo8821

    I planned on getting a Sandy Bridge in April-May when the p67 boards get re-released, but I will definitely wait a bit to know Llano’s and Bulldozer’s performance, then I’ll decide which is best. :D