AMD Bulldozer Zacate vs. Intel Core i7 (Benchmarks)

Here is one another benchmarks graph of the AMD upcoming Zacate processor, as from Donanimhaber. A truckload of salt is required.

According to the leaked slide, AMD Bulldozer outperforms Intel’s core i7 950 and Phenom II X6 by around 50% in gaming and rendering and is slightly better in media benchmark.

Media: PC Mark Movies & Media Sub-test
Gaming Benchmark: 3DMark06 CPU
Rendering Benchmark: CiniBench R11.5

  • Jörg

    It should be noted though in this benchmark its a bulldozer Octocore not a Quadcore.

    • Zer

      @Jorg Yes it’s an Octocore, except it’s not. It’s 4 modules, two cores for each module. Learn 2 BD…. nub

      • Jörg

        by definition one integer core is one core learn to IT, also it _SAYS_ ZAMBEZI 8C on the slide learn to read to.

  • Bob

    The motherboard listed on the chart is a 1156, but the fastest CPU on the 1156 motherboard is the Core i7-870 or 860S.

  • Bob

    Checking again, I can confirm that the Core i7-950 supports only a socket 1366. Here is the Intel’s specifications on it: