Playstation 4 To Utilize Kinect

Playstation 4 To Utilize Kinect

From time to time, we would receive various rumors and chatters to our inbox. If it has at least some sort of evidence, we will publish them. Otherwise, not so much and just use information from our own sources.

About a month ago we have received an email, stating that Microsoft and Sony is working together on a cross-licensing deal that involves Kinect.

According to the email, due to Sony’s poor financial results and Kinect „openness“, Japanese corporation plans to use it for it’s upcoming Playstation 4 console.

Furthermore, since Kinect is used in both Xbox and Playstation, it will help developers to spread the Kinect goodness all over the titles and do that by saving time and resources as well.

Since there was no further evidence, we have decided not to publish this rumor. However, now that Microsoft has registered and domain names, we provide you with this information.

Stay tuned.